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A few things, I just have to remember what they are,

I just got back from a 4 day weekend where I went to my cousins wedding. It was quite awesome, very hippie. The ceremony was a park in the middle of the forest and the reception was in a marquee in a caravan park, but they had a circus perfomance and I started the dancing (surprise) and more lesbians than...well, ten points to anyone who can finish the sentence.

I went for a job interview last week, same place I did work experience at, it's a market research company. If I get it I'll be doing a full time job as well as part time uni, which scares the shit out of me, but it's a great opportunity and bla bla bla...

I watched the movie Sunshine over the weekend. I really enjoyed it because it played out like an old style sci-fi with the slow atmosphere building start and the creepyness and exciting ending. Also, the guy who plays the main character (I don't know his actor name yet) has officially made his way into 2nd place in my 'best eyes' category, he spent whole scene not saying anything and acting with his eyes. I pointed this out to my brother and then the next thing that happened was a guy asked him a question and he just stared back at him and the other guy was like "Alright", like he had answered. It was very good timing.

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First, helloooooooooo, I love you all.

Okay, here are a few pictures from the Priscilla party I went to.

Also, my bank screwed me over and I can't find my life savings...but they will fix it up or I will kill them.

I got some new icons too! Go check them out. :D Tell me your fave

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I haven't updated, although I've had things, very cool things, to update with. The reason for this frustrating dilemma, what else? RL. Uni specifiacally, and icky mid semester exams. Yes, it is mid semester ALREADY!

So instead of actually showing you the cool, lets just to a 'coming soon to a Lou journal near you':

-Pic spam! From the Priscilla party I went to! 'Cause I know you're all dying to see me dressed as a man dressed as a woman.
-New icons! Harry Potter was fun, but I'm thinking I need something more general, something to match my emotions. Perhaps even (due to my ridiculously short flist) personalised icons for mah friends!
-A new article for TOM! Yes, this is the one I've been writing for like, a month. I'm very procrastinating with everything, but I wrote some today instead of doing my econ homework. (Luckily I made a new friend who let me copy of her during the quiz, but now I feel all dirty and soulless)
-A made up meme that allows me to be a fangirl in exactly the ways I want! Oh, you'll like it, and you'll do it to! (but maybe not)

I don't really know what else. I think I had other things to do. What would you guys like to see?

Also, I <3 you all.
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My new purple hair, a tour of my room and more!

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Hey, I passed the next stage of getting my drivers license. This is the last stage I'll be on before getting a full license, which sounds good, but I'm going to be on it for 2 years at least! *le sigh*

I was feeling so icky in my stomach the whole time. I hate what my body does when I'm nervous. ANYway, this new stage lets me legally drive 100km instead of 90km maximum, have more than one passenger between 11pm and 5am and other stuff I don't really know nor care about.

Our whole getting a license thing is just sooo overcautious though. The very minimum you have to be on all the stages before getting your full license is 3 and a half years, but almost everyone is on them longer than that. That's probably how long I've been on mine so far, and I still have two years to go!

Every stage has a test, and of course, they cost you like a bitch. Getting my green P's today cost me $105 AU. Grrr...

In other good news, I found an awesome Op Shop dress to wear to the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert dress up I'm going to tommorrow (think drag queen). It's blue and glittery and only cost $5, yay!

I promised a pic spam. I'll try to get one in after lunch and after I take the car to the car repair place. Ugh, didn't think today would be so busy.
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So Meggles told me to make a random post. Well first, not so random, I got AIM. Like, just then. So help me! I need to talk to mah peeps!

Also, I got a whiteboard, which may not sound so exciting but I've wanted one for like, ever. I haven't really been able to use it for real purposes yet though, mainly just writing things like "This is my whiteboard, not your whiteboard!"

I'm excited to buy some of Eri's jewellery. I've decided I don't need department stores when I have my own jewellery making friend half way across the globe. We'll see how it goes.

I think Meggles said talk about shoes and boys. Well, I don't actually have the love for shoes that most women do. I love lipstick, t-shirts and funky skirts/dresses, but don't own enough. I'll try and picspam some poses ;)

I'm definetely going to have a real picspam in the next few days. I feel like I've neglected you guys because I haven't shown much of my life. Sooooo, in this post, make requests, what do you want to know? What do you want to see? Want to know my embarrisingly short love life story? Hey, I feel like sharing.

Hmm, she also said talk about boys. Most of the 'boys' in my life don't have names, they are, 'that cute bartender', 'the guy from economics' etc. I wish my imagination wasn't so vivid and satisfying, otherwise I would be more bothered to make a real effort.

Have I told you guys this week how much I ADORE YOU ALL! Where is Iri? I think I need to tell you all more. Viva la resurgence of toasters!

Yes, I'm giggly, it's the whiteboard...or perhaps the whiteboard markers.
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Video: Captain Peter
Show: Heroes
Genre: Humour

Did anyone else watch captain planet in their youth?

Also, I had a dream where Eri, Gabs and I went and saw the Dixie Chicks. In a high school, front row, but their were only about 50 people. Why, I don't know, but Gabs was excited.
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I finished DH on Saturday, but I haven't been on the computer since.

Also, I watched almost the whole first season of Supernatural for the first time yesterday and I want to know if anyone else loves it so I have a can have a Supernatural buddy.

Oh, and of course, if the rest doesn't entice you, I had a crossover slash dream last night. Me. I know. Wanna find out who was involved? (If this doesn't get Lissa to read, I don't know what will)

You'll just have to click, but remember SPOILERSCollapse )
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Hey, I finally had a dream about y'all! Quite disturbing actually:

If this doesn't disprove my sanity, nothing willCollapse )

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Here are the pictures of Mia, sorry it took so long to post them. She's still gorgeous, :).

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